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Vendor Appreciation: Helping to Support the Local Hawaiian Economy

Our roadside stand and marketplace on the road to Hāna is a destination for visitors to grab quality Hawaiian-made products and support our local economy. Since 2007, we at Hāna Farms have had the great opportunity to provide space and opportunity for local entrepreneurs to expand their enterprises. Bringing a multitude of vendors into our store has allowed us to help showcase all that our local craftspeople and farmers have to offer and help connect visitors to local products. We thought it was time you met some of them and learned their stories!

Our Hāna-based Vendors

Our neighbor, Hana Gold, creates small-batch organic and sustainable branch-to-bar chocolate. Founded in 1978, they have strived to be environmentally friendly through their production methods—only growing what the land is naturally able to produce. Their cacao is Hāna-grown, hand-picked, and handmade to result in the most delicious chocolate. The land of Maui, down to the tropical atmosphere and volcanic soil, aids in the unique flavor.

With flavors like Banana and Ginger, their unique chocolate is a must-try when taking a trip down the road to Hāna. Their bars are popular at the stand and they tend to go quickly when we have them in stock! If you can’t make it down our way soon, shop their Milk Chocolate Bar or Dark Chocolate Bar on our online store.

The self-taught local artist Laura Mango, has been painting beautiful Maui scenes since 1978. Her epic Hawaiian landscapes illustrate her love and respect for the āina. From waterfalls and rolling hills to the glorious ocean, Laura Mango captures it all through her pieces. Stop by her roadside stand to find her unique prints, which make a perfect, one-of-a-kind souvenir to remember your time in Hāna, Hawai’i.

Sacred Essentials is a decadent bodyline created from locally sourced ingredients, such as raw cacao butter, mango butter, coconut oil, and avocado oil. Their product line includes body butter, lip balm, essential oil roll-ons, oil diffusers, and more. Your skin will thank you for the goodness in these all-natural goodies!

Sacred Essentials’ creator, Shannon McClure, is a registered nurse and clinical aromatherapist in Hana, Maui. She crafts her all-natural skincare products to honor the earth and nourish the mind, body, and spirit. You can find her entire line at our roadside stand!

Hana Tropicals is a sustainable flower farm and plant nursery situated on the paradisal Hāna coast. Not only do they put together beautiful flower arrangements, but they also handcraft Maui-made Moringa products.

Moringa is a plant known for its medicinal properties, for it’s loaded with vitamins and minerals that aid positively to one’s health. You can shop their farm-grown and handmade Moringa Soap or Moringa Superfood Powder at our stand or on their website.

Other Local Hawaiian Vendors

Tutu’s Pantry has a place in our hearts and kitchens. Founded in 2009, Tutu’s Pantry was inspired by the owner’s grandmother, hence, the name Tutu, which means grandparent in Hawaiian. The founder, Ellie, found comfort in the handmade goods her grandmother whipped up, and she wanted to capture those positive, nostalgic memories in Hawaiian products made with local ingredients. Their delicious spreads, butters, seasonings, and syrups are produced in Upcountry Maui.

You can find their Coffee Rub Seasoning, Coconut Syrup, Lilikoi Butter, and Mango Butter on our online store.

Are you a honey lover? If so, you’ll fall in love with Big Island Bees. They produce environmentally friendly, raw, and unfiltered honey on The Big Island. Using flowers unique to the remote island of Hawai’i—such as the Lehua blossom—Big Island Bees creates rare flavor profiles with their honey.

Big Island Bees first began in 1972 and has since transformed into a multi-generational family enterprise. In 2004, Big Island Bees started appearing at nearby farmer’s markets, quickly becoming a favorite amongst visitors and locals alike. You can find their organic products at our roadside stand or on our own website store. We recommend trying out their gourmet three-pack sampling set!

Shop & Support Local

We hope that you help us in supporting our local craftspeople, farmers, and vendors by shopping at our online store or stand. Our online store ships to all U.S. states and Canada within 3-7 business days. Our stand hours are 8-6 Monday through Sunday. We look forward to welcoming you with aloha soon and introducing you to our slice of paradise! The road to Hāna awaits!

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