Tutu's Pantry Maui Coffee Rub

Tutu's Pantry Maui Coffee Rub


Tutu's Pantry Maui Coffee Rub is a uniquely Hawaiian rub. Made with Maui coffee,  Alaea salt, and Maui cane sugar, the rub wonderfully tenderizes meat or chicken. The cumin, chili peppers, and spices also make it an incredible seasoning for mushrooms, lentils, and chili. 


Tutu's Pantry is a local Mauian company that makes Hawaiian favorites with locally sourced ingredients. Tutu means grandmother in Hawaiian, and the brand was inspired by the owner's grandmother. When you buy a Tutu's Pantry product, you're tasting real Hawaiian goodness, made with Aloha. 


Ingredients: Coffee, Salt, Raw Sugar, Garlic, Alaea Salt, Cracked Pepper, Ginger, Chili Peppers, Spices.

Net weight: 8 oz


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