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Hāna Farms’ mission is to contribute to a healthy and happy Hāna by providing opportunity and resources for our community, inspiring our visitors to value the natural world, and stewarding this sacred land with respect. 


Our vision is a world supported by regenerative agriculture and local enterprise. 




Aloha is not just a greeting, it’s a way of life. We welcome everyone with open arms and open hearts to foster love and respect within our community and beyond.  


From building soil to supporting local enterprises, we create a sustainable eco-system for our land, our ohana (local community), and the world.


Our community includes the locals of Hāna, our employees, our customers near and far, and, of course, our farm animals! We recognize that in order to thrive, our community must support and uplift everyone.


We are a learning and teaching farm! We constantly discover new and better ways to build and farm and we aspire to pass these learnings and values on. 


We consider how our actions today will affect tomorrow, and work towards building an abundant future for all.


We cultivate and provide farm-fresh, organic produce and small-batch products infused with love and aloha. 





One of the founders of Hana Farms, Paul, sits at The Bamboo Hale


Our founders, Marty and Paul, met on the road to Hāna in 1994. Paul was working in Nahiku selling five dollar flower arrangements on the roadside, while Marty was working remotely on Maui as an IT consultant and software developer. Marty was on his way to hike when he picked up Paul on the road to Hāna, hitchhiking his way to the red sand beach. Twenty-five years later, they’re living their shared dream of making a home in Hāna.

Tropical Hibiscus Flower at Hana Farms


The town of Hāna is a small community on the northeast coast of Maui, Hawai’i. Surrounded by sprawling rainforests and Haleakala National Park, Hāna is one of the most stunning places on Maui. The famous Road to Hāna, a 64-mile stretch of road that has over 800 switchbacks and 40 one-lane bridges, is known for its views of dense, lush rainforest and waterfalls. In fact, one section of this highway gets some of the highest amounts of rainfall in the world. For anyone visiting Maui, Hāna is a must-see!

Hand picking patchouli leaves


Our property is located along the Road to Hāna, about four miles outside of Hāna town. When the farm was first purchased in 1999, the entirety of the seven acres was covered in Ficas (Banyan) Trees. The 'Āina (land) was cleared to make way for a house, garden, and what would eventually become our farm plots, food forest, spice garden, roadside stand, bakery, and restaurant. Because much of the farm’s land is volcanic rock, the soil we build from cultivation is especially nutrient-dense and produces ultra-healthy vegetation. 

The Farm
Nursery with green sprouts growing in trays at Hana Farms

As stewards of this sacred land, our goal is to build healthy soil and maximize our potential to grow delicious local fruits, vegetables, spices, and flowers. Our organic farm features a spice garden where you can find cinnamon, all-spice, curry leaf, black pepper, cardamom, and beyond. The vegetable plots produce everything from beans to Hawaiian chili peppers, and our fruit and citrus trees scattered around the property produce bananas, lemons, limes, cherries, papaya, Lilikoi (passion fruit), and other tropical fruits. Visitors to our farm love to see our beautiful farm grounds and gardens, packed full of exotic flora.

The Stand

Our original roadside stand, just a simple white pop-up tent, was first erected in 1996. Back then, our only product was banana bread that one of our founders baked in a toaster oven. Now, we are a local marketplace where you can find all sorts of Hāna-made goods and produce, including Hāna Farms’ products. We make our own hot sauces, spreads, desserts, and of course, four types of banana bread. You can also grab a quick sandwich, bagel or snack from our grab’n’go fridge. 

The Bamboo Hale
The Bamboo Hale Restaurant at Hana Farms

Our pizzeria and grill serves up delicious plates, made with fresh ingredients from our farm and other Hāna farms. The Harvest Salad is chock-full of unique Hāna Farms greens such as moringa, katuk, and Okinawa Spinach. If you’re more of a meat lover, you’ll love our Smoked Pulled Pork farm plate or our BBQ Brisket Pizza. Join us beneath our bamboo hale, which means ‘house’ in Hawaiian, and enjoy the soft Maui ocean breeze while you eat.

The Bakery
Hana Farms Bagel in the making

Got a sweet tooth? Then the Hāna Farms bakery is for you! Originally famous for our award-winning banana bread, the bakery has expanded to handcraft desserts, cookies, pastries, bagels, and bread. In fact, all of the bread items on The Hale menu are made in-house at our bakery! Come try a decadent Figgy bar made from our farm’s figs or a coconut macaroon, the baker’s favorite.

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