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Our Products & Suppliers

Farm Stand Products

     At Hana Farms, we make a wide variety of products from the things we grow on our land and grown in our Hana community. We buy fresh fruit and locally crafted goods from over 40 people in our community. Through this support and responsible farming practices, we aim to create a more sustainable Hana.

Meet Some of Our Suppliers

Auntie Rosemary

    Rosemary Howell creates excellent quality goods from fruits & vegetables sourced straight from her land. Some things she makes include an assortment of tropical jams, dried fruits, coconut candy & vegetable chips! All of Rosemary's products are handmade with love and Aloha. 

Hana Tropicals

    Hana Tropicals is a small local flower farms that practices responsible farming practices. Hana Tropicals makes outstanding moringa superfood products that nourish the body. We are proud to present you with Hana Tropicals Moringa powder & Moringa teas.

Auntie Josie

    Auntie Josie brings us fresh fruit from her land right down the road. Josie delivers a wide variety of fruits: soursop, bananas, lychee, pomelos, oranges, lemons and limes. Josie's fruit is so delicious because she hand picks all her fruit at peak ripeness.


    Sheila is renowned for her handmade coconut postcards. These postcards are made from real coconuts that have been dried, inspected, and approved for shipping by the department of agriculture. Sheila paints unique island inspired decorations on to each coconut. Sending a coconut postcard is the most fun way to ship the Aloha back home!

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