Hana Farms Mug & Coffee Set (Terracotta)

Hana Farms Mug & Coffee Set (Terracotta)


Infuse some Aloha into your morning with a steaming cup of Hāna Farms Coffee! The Hāna Farms Coffee and Mug Gift Set comes with one ground bag of Maui-grown ground coffee, along with our Hāna Farms Logo Terracotta Mug.

Hāna Farms coffee is a bespoke blend of Red Catuai. Smooth and full-bodied, Hāna Farms Coffee is a favorite morning pick-me-up, brewed hot or cold. 


Giving it as a gift? This set is wrapped and packaged with island charm, so you can send it directly to your loved one, friend, or co-worker. It’s perfect for any coffee lovers and sampling unique brews from around the world.


Whether you keep or gift this set, we recommend enjoying our coffee with Hāna Farms Banana Bread for an island-inspired morning. 


Set includes: Freshly roasted, 100% authentic Maui ground coffee. One ceramic Hāna Farms logo coffee mug. 


Our products are packaged with care by our staff and shipped via USPS. As Hāna is remote, please allow 3-7 business days for shipping. Perishable items are vacuum-sealed to ensure freshness upon arrival. 

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