Big Island Bees Ohia Lehua Honey

Big Island Bees Ohia Lehua Honey


This organic honey from Big Island Bees is pure magic! It comes from the Lehua blossom, which is found only on Hawai'i and makes a beautiful white and evenly crystallized honey. Use it to sweeten beverages,  cook with, or spread smoothly on a scone. Tea lovers will especially love this honey as it doesn't overwhelm the taste of tea as it lightly sweetens. 


What makes this honey even more special is the legend behind the Ohia Lehua Tree and blossom. It is said that picking the blossom causes rain, which represents the tears princess Lehua cried when she was separated from her love Ohia. This makes Ohia Lehua that much sweeter as an anniversary or Valentine gift!


All Big Island Bee honey is farmed on the island of Hawai'i without the use of chemicals, artificial feeds, miticides, heat, or filtration. It is of the highest quality and is certified organic. 


Net weight: 4.5 oz

Contains: 100% Hawaiian Honey


Our products are packaged with care by our staff and shipped via USPS. As Hāna is remote, please allow 3-7 business days for shipping. Perishable items are vacuum-sealed to ensure freshness upon arrival. 

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