Hāna Farms Banana Butter

Hāna Farms Banana Butter


If you like apple butter you will love our tropical Hāna Farms Banana Butter! This decadent spread is versatile and a great pairing for savory and sweet snacks alike. Try it on our Original Banana Bread, scones, toast, waffles, muffins, or any as an addition to any dessert. 


To make our Banana Butter, we use a mix of local Hāna bananas, including Apple Bananas that we grow here on our farm and Williams and Candevenish Bananas from our neighbors. Our chefs create the base of the spread by mashing and blending the bananas. They then mix in Maui cane sugar, lemon, and butter for a smooth and creamy texture. Finally, we add cinnamon clove and allspice for a delightful flavor. 


Want to really indulge? Try some of our Banana Butter with our dense Hāna Farms Original Banana Bread for an amazing Hana-made snack. They're the perfect couple!


Ingredients: Banana, Maui cane sugar, lemon, butter, cinnamon, clove, allspice, agar-agar

Net Weight: 6 oz.


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