Hāna Farms 100% Maui Coffee - Ground Bean

Hāna Farms 100% Maui Coffee - Ground Bean


Looking for a different morning cup of joe? Try our Hāna Farms 100% Maui Coffee (Ground Bean) for a surprising blend of island-grown beans with robust, nutty flavors. Maui coffee is known for its quality and diverse varietals. The island’s many micro-climates and the nutrient-rich volcanic soil produces unique flavors and well-balanced acidity.   


This blend of Maui coffees features Red Catuai, a cross-variatel grown in the West Maui mountains, known for its wide flavor profile, and Maui Mokka, which is grown in the upcountry and brings a taste of chocolate and hints of wine and fruit. This is 100% Maui coffee, freshly roasted and ground-bean. 


Our coffee is 100% Maui grown and sustainably and ethically sourced from Maui Oma Roasters. 


Ingredients:  Ground bean Maui Red Catuai & Maui Mokka Coffee.

Net Weight: 8 oz.

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