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Community Alert: The Grand Reopening of The Juice Box

We at Hāna Farms are happy to congratulate our restaurant manager, Lindsey Gill, on the grand reopening of her food truck, The Juice Box! After being closed during the height of the pandemic, The Juice Box will be opening once again this Friday!

The Juice Box is the place to stop in Hāna for fresh juice and smoothies crafted from locally sourced fruits. All the cold-pressed juices and smoothies are made with a fresh coconut water base and never include any ice that will water down your drink. Everything is dairy-free, and the menu also includes acai bowls and immunity shots made from revitalizing organics such as turmeric and ginger.

In Hāna, we have a relatively big food truck scene, which is built on a strong sense of community and respect. Each food truck has its own specialty, which gives our small town of Hāna the chance to enjoy different types of cuisines. Lindsey loves being part of the community and getting the chance to give people jobs and buy fruit from local farmers.

Lindsey has a long history in the restaurant industry and has been The Bamboo Hale’s restaurant manager since it opened about a year and a half ago. She was an integral part of building our farm fresh menu and reinvigorating our pizza program. We feel incredibly lucky to have such an experienced and excellent manager on our team, especially someone who loves Hāna so much!

We sat down with her recently to talk about her journey into the culinary scene of Hāna.

How did you get into the restaurant industry?

Lindsey: I was going to school for nursing in Ohio where I’m from, and I got a part-time job bartending. I realized how much I loved the restaurant industry and decided to switch gears from nursing. I ended up moving to Scottsdale, Arizona and going to Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. I got a business degree in culinary arts from there.

After that, I worked in boutique hotels, managed restaurants, worked for a celebrity chef, and was part of the celebrity chef tour while working for the Sanctuary Resort in Scottsdale. I got a lot of varied experience working in the restaurant industry in Scottsdale.

What ended up bringing you to Hawai’i?

Lindsey: While the hotel I worked for was being renovated I decided to take a sabbatical. I wanted to go somewhere and learn to live off the land more. I found Hāna Farms, and they gave me the chance to come over in 2015. I originally planned to only come for three months, but I ended up staying for nine. During that time, I worked in almost every position on this farm, from the product kitchen to harvesting.

I loved the sense of community here, the land, and being close to the water. When I went back home to Scottsdale, I never stopped thinking about Hāna. It was the first place other than my actual home in Ohio that I felt that sense of belonging, that sense of home.

So you decided to come back in 2018?

Lindsey: Yeah, I decided that I wanted to make my own business and my own way of life out here, and I felt like having a food truck was the best way for me to do that. No one else offers fresh fruit juice and smoothies, so I knew I could. I built my truck out with my dad and had it shipped over here.

When I came back, I was so surprised by how welcomed I was. So many locals and people in town remembered my name, and I was greeted with hugs and kisses. It just feels like home.

You were also welcomed back onto the Hāna Farms team!

Lindsey: Yes, I was really happy to come back to the place that had originally invited me into Hāna. I love continuing to be a part of the farm community here, working outside, and getting to see people react to the beauty of this place. We also have an amazing menu and dining experience for operating out of a small kitchen on a farm. I love that I get to give that to the community here.

Okay, one last question, what are your favorite things to order at The Juice Box and The Bamboo Hale?

At The Juice Box, I love the Liquid Sunshine Smoothie, it has everything the tropics have to offer - mango, pineapple, fresh citrus, and banana. As for The Bamboo Hale, I love the fish tacos!

You can find The Juice Box in ‘the church lot’ next to Ae’s Thai Food. If you’re coming from Kahului, the lot will be on the left side of the road, just before Hasagawa’s General Store. They are open 6 days a week (closed on Wednesdays) from 8 am to 3 pm. If you live on Maui, The Juice Box offers a Kama'aina discount, ask at the counter!

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